Index of Injustice

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Every year throughout the Western world, tens of thousands of men, women and children have their lives shattered by an event so harrowing many never fully recover. They are stripped of their families, homes and financial assets, and left to flounder in a sea of abandonment and chaos. Many become mentally ill, some face physical decline, and the child survivors of these tragedies even face shortened lifespans. 

These calamitous effects persist for many years, perhaps permanently, and the cost to society is enormous; estimates put the annual cost to the tax-payer into the billions.

So what is this terrible event? It is divorce. It is destroying the lives of millions of people, yet is surrounded by almost total silence.

We think it's time for that to change. We think every single person who's life has been devastated by a divorce deserves to tell their story. That's why we've launched the "Index of Injustice" - a chance for people to tell their story simply, factually, and in such a way that it will fit on an index card. Every one of these cards will be printed and stored, until we have many thousands of them, and an undeniable visual spectacle of one of the greatest scourges of modern Western history - divorce and family breakdown.

Please tell us your story.

We aim to use each and every story to make our collective voice louder, and to show the urgent need for divorce reform. We welcome your input and suggestions.

Birds In A Nest? Learn more about protecting children of divorce through "nesting", a revolutionary new proposal that will do away with custody battles, custodial parents, and child support:

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