Index of Injustice

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The Index of Injustice was founded in 2013 by T. Christopher Anstead and Miriam A. Sloboda, prompted by the fallout in their own lives from unwanted divorce.

Realising how many other people were suffering, often in silence, from the savage injustices of the current system, they felt they must do something to raise awareness and call for change.

The Index of Injustice aims to reflect the true personal cost of divorce, and to show just how much damage divorce has already done. Statistics and academic reports can only go so far. We want to expose the real cost, and the real lives that have been left shattered. 

As well as collecting the stories of those who have suffered, the Index of Injustice aims to help reform divorce by suggesting some simple changes that would make divorce fairer and less damaging to all - and marriage safer and less of a gamble for those wishing to invest in it. You can see the proposed reforms here.

So please, if you have a story to tell, do get in touch - whether your divorce was recent or historic, your own or your parents, if divorce has negatively affected your life, we want to hear about it. 

T. Christopher Anstead 

T. Christopher Anstead is the American arm

of Index of Injustice.  Upon coming home

from work one day, his marriage of nineteen

years was immediately ended when he was "served" a "no-fault" divorce.  After being exposed to the true horrors of the modern divorce system, he sought out like-minded

individuals to promote and advance the idea of putting a face and story behind every divorce survivor by means of the simple index card.  The card could then be used as an actual physical representation to illustrate

lives ruined by divorce.  Thus, Index of

Injustice - American idea, British title.

Miriam A. Sloboda 

Miriam is the British branch of the Index of Injustice, driven to help expose the real traumas and tragedies of family breakdown after experiencing it herself in childhood. She is the founder of "Stay1", a unique online resource geared towards helping two-parent families stay together. She believes family breakdown is the number one problem facing Western nations today, and that keeping the family intact must be our number one priority. She lives in London.