Index of Injustice

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There are many dedicated and passionate people working within the divorce reform movement, with great ideas and visions for change. However, one of the things that holds the movement back in having the exposure we'd like and making the progress we know we're capable of is a lack of funding. Almost everyone working within the divorce reform movement is an unpaid volunteer, and that limits us in various ways.

While we know the last thing anyone who's just been through a divorce has a lot of is money, if we could get just one dollar from every person wronged by a divorce, we would have enough money to completely transform the divorce reform movement and make "divorce reform" a phrase known in every household in the country.

We would be able to hire professional PR and marketing staff, be able to advertise prominently on mainstream sites and even on television, as well as hiring any legal advisors or attorneys we might come to need in the future.

So please, if you can spare just one dollar to help us in our mission, we would appreciate it enormously. Of course, if you can spare more than that, that would be wonderful too! Every cent we receive will go straight into the divorce reform movement and anti-divorce campaigning - we will not take a penny for ourselves.

If you can't afford to donate right now, don't worry! There's still plenty of ways you can make a difference, and we appreciate all the help we can get. Every extra voice helps.