Index of Injustice

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If you've already sent us your story and want to do more to help raise awareness and create change,  great! We have several suggestions, and would be delighted to hear yours, too.

First of all, please feel free to download and print some of the flyers to the right. These can be distrubuted around your neighbourhood or in other public places. Many people simply don't know the facts about divorce nor the extent of the damage it does, so raising awareness of this destructive epidemic is key to creating change.

Next, we suggest making a commitment to doing just one thing per day to reform divorce. That could be handing out a flyer, leaving a comment on a website, or even just talking to someone - it doesn't need to be big or bombastic; just do one thing.

Another idea, and a good motivator, is to link up with someone else who is committed to the "one thing per day" project. You write each other a brief email every day reporting what you've done. This will help give you support and encouragement to keep going. If you'd like to join up with someone in this way but don't know where to find them, drop us a line and we'll try to put you in touch with someone suitable.

We've set up a separate Twitter account to record our own activity, which you can see to the right, so all our activity is public and you can see exactly what we're doing each day. You might want to set up your own Twitter account for similar purposes, or you can Tweet your activity to us and we'll Retweet you.

Whatever you decide to do, let us know, and we'll give you all the support we can.

Effects on Children
Some devastating statistics on children and divorce, shattering the popular myth of "the good divorce".

Detailing the stark reality of the physical, emotional and financial costs adults face when they go through a divorce.